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Maintain Safety With Temporary Lighting that is durable and withstands the elements.

Have you thought about how quickly the daylight slips away? Whether working or playing, sometimes it is too dark before we’re ready. Duraline has temporary lighting for any situation. If you need indoor temporary lighting solutions, we’ve got you covered with various products that are crush resistant, consistent, and bright. If you want outdoor lighting that will still light the way in the rain, snow, sleet, and pitch-black darkness, we’ve got temporary lighting solutions for you that withstand the elements! Turn the light on with temporary lighting solutions from Duraline when you can’t take the chance of being let down and left in the dark.

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Tunnel Temporary Lighting Stringers Long Run
Tunnel Temporary Lighting Stringers Long Run

Click To Download Our NEW Brochure. The Duraline Long Run Lighting Streamers (Without Socket Ground Ring) Are Designed For High Lumen Output Over Long Distances. These String Lights Have Been Used As Tunnel Lighting All Across The County. Streamer Sockets Are Molded In Solid Rubber To ...

Lamp Guards For Duraline Lighting Products
Lamp Guards For Duraline Lighting Products

Guards And Globes Are Designed To Protect Lamps And Sockets And To Be Long-Lasting

Lamps LED
Lamps LED

LED Lamps LED Heat Sink And Shatter-Proof Lens Environmentally Friendly, UL Listed, RoHS Compliant, CE 15 Watt LED Lamp Performs Like A 100-120 Watt Incandescent Lamp Operating Cost Is Less Than That Of The Operating Cost For A Convention...

Wide Area LED Lighting Blocks And Stringers
Wide Area LED Lighting Blocks And Stringers

The Duraline Wide Area LED Lighting Blocks And Streamers Provide Safe, Effective Overhead Lighting For Any Number Of Purposes And Locations. Blocks Are Typically Spaced At Either 15’ Or 20’ Intervals, And Come With Molded Weather-Proof NEMA 5-15 Plugs For Easy Use, But Other Connectors Are Av...

Handlights/Switchlights Non Vapor-Proof – Lamp Sockets (Box Mounted)
Handlights/Switchlights Non Vapor-Proof – Lamp Sockets (Box Mounted)

Click To Download Our NEW Brochure. This Section Includes Solid Rubber Molded To Cable Trouble Lights And Switch Trouble Lights. All Hand Lamps Are Molded To Cable And Contain No Voids Waterproof Handlight With On / Off Switch– HLS-760 Waterproof 2-Wire Hand Lamp (N...

Mighty LED Light Streamer
Mighty LED Light Streamer

Duraline Has The Portable, Flexible And Temporary String Lights You Need To Provide Proper Lighting To Large Areas. The Mighty LED Light Streamer By Duraline Will Lavishly Illuminate A Vast Place With Its High-Intensity Light. Our Streamer Lights Have A Hanging Grommet Assembly Or Magnetic Mo...

Stringlight With
Stringlight With "T" Drops And Vaporproof Hand Lamps Dead Ended

Stringlights With Drops And Vaporproof Hand Lamps With Molded In Waterproof Switch. Stringlights Molded To 12/3 SOOW Yellow Cable, Drops Are Molded To 14/3 SOOW Yellow Cable. Hand Lamps Are Molded In Rubber. Streamers Include, Nema 5-15 Plug Drops Are Spaced 10′ Apart, Include An Drop And Wet Loc...

Vapor-Proof Lighting Streamers / Temporary Lighting String Lights
Vapor-Proof Lighting Streamers / Temporary Lighting String Lights

Click To Download Our NEW Brochure. The Vapor-Proof Wet Location Sockets Include A Heavy-Duty, Internal Crush-Proof Ring Around The Screw Shell The Body Style Is Designed To Accommodate A Vapor-Proof Pyrex Globe And 75 Watt Max Incandescent, LED Lamp. A Heavy Gauge Steel Wir...

Vapor-Proof Trouble Lights / Handlight / Switched Lights
Vapor-Proof Trouble Lights / Handlight / Switched Lights

Click To Download Our NEW Brochure. This Section Includes; Low Voltage Incandescent Vapor-Proof 12 Volt Handlight With On/Off Switch And Built In 120 Volt To 12 Volt Transformer Vapor-Proof Watertight Heavy Duty Rubber Molded Handlamps With On/Off Switch ...

LED Temporary Lighting Stringers / Streamers With Guards And Lamps
LED Temporary Lighting Stringers / Streamers With Guards And Lamps

Click To Download Our NEW Brochure. Duraline LED Temporary Lighting Stringers ( Includes Guard, Cap And Led Lamps ) Provide Safe Overhead Temporary Lighting And Easy To Use Task Lighting. All Duraline String Lights Are Molded To Heavy Duty Type SOOW 600 Volt Cable In Solid Ru...

Water-Proof Field/Tent Lighting Set
Water-Proof Field/Tent Lighting Set

This Section Includes; Mini "T" Power Distribution Assembly Tent Power Feed Assembly Two/Light Power Assemblies Modular Design Can Be Customized To Your Needs. Long Lasting Heavy Duty Rubber Molded Construction With Type SOOW 600 Volt Rubber Power Cord Outlast Plastic Or Fie...

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Indoors or Out, Big or Small, We have the Temporary Lighting You Need

Duraline is a leading USA company of Temporary Lighting solutions.

Customers depend on the name Duraline when it comes to quality, durability, and consistency. As a leading USA company of temporary lighting products, Duraline has numerous temporary lighting solutions for various industries and projects of any size. With our experience and dedication, we know how to help you be the hero with our rugged temporary lighting so you can keep the lights on in any location needed!

Eliminate The Dark with Temporary Lighting

We have been supplying temporary lighting solutions since 1946.

Duraline continues to be a leading U.S. supplier of temporary lighting for indoor and outdoor uses. Don’t be left in the dark with your project or event, and our durable temporary lighting will help you be the hero of a successful project or event. Temporary lighting is one of those important items that can easily be overlooked until there’s a problem. Choose Duraline temporary lighting so you can safely and effectively get your project complete or run a successful event with no hiccups.


Rely on durability and excellence with our USA-manufactured and distributed temporary lighting solutions. Duraline designs and manufactures high-quality temporary lighting solutions that increase the efficiency and safety of projects, so you stay connected day or night in extreme environments and varying weather conditions. Our temporary lighting solutions help you have light when and where you need it so any project can get completed safely without light being an issue.

Duraline provides temporary lighting solutions, so your projects are always completed on time.

Have the light you need any time, anywhere, in any weather, and for any task with our temporary lighting!

Duraline’s temporary lighting solutions are created in the USA and are designed to withstand being portable, waterproof, and tough. This temporary lighting design provides illumination even when the environment and indoor or outdoor elements seem impossible. So, if you need temporary lighting for an indoor or outdoor event, contact Duraline to discover temporary lighting solutions to pull off any event or project, whether large or small.

Overcome Temporary Lighting obstacles with Duraline by your side

When consistency matters and you can't be left in the dark, choose Duraline!

When you cannot take a gamble, be confident in your temporary lighting products with Duraline. Our temporary lighting solutions withstand it all and help you have the light you need at a festival, wedding, or carnival, whether inside or outdoors in the ice, snow, or scorching summer sun. Depend on Duraline to meet your demands so you can have consistent light on the subject.

Temporary Lighting FAQs

If you don't see the answer to your question, contact our amazing team at Duraline!

What is Temporary Lighting?

Temporary lighting is a method of having light where it otherwise seems impossible. Our high-performance temporary lighting solutions help overcome obstacles, so you have light when and where you need it despite the rain, snow, heat, cold and other challenges. Duraline provides temporary lighting that is crush-resistant, durable, weather-proof, and portable to light the way where darkness needs to disappear. Let the work, gathering, or fun continue with our temporary lighting solutions. Contact Duraline to learn more about

Reviews of Temporary Lighting from Duraline

Discover what others experience with Temporary Lighting by Duraline

Duraline game through for a large community festival. Some areas were so difficult to light, but with the temporary lighting products provided by Duraline, we could keep everyone safe and have fun! Thanks, Duraline!


We chose Duraline for our outdoor wedding reception. Unfortunately, it ended up raining, and I was so afraid we'd be left in the dark, but thankfully, the temporary lighting provided kept working despite the bad weather. We had a blast despite the rain, thanks to the lights staying on!


We didn't experience any delays thanks to the temporary lighting solutions Duraline helped us discover. Instead, we were running into problems with a lack of daylight and dusk sneaking upon us. Duraline provided the durable outdoor temporary lighting solutions we needed to get the work done effectively and safely.


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